Our Services

General Renovation and Remodelling
House Renovation and Interior Architectural Design
Kitchen Renovation and Design
Marble Works and Kitchen Countertops
Bathroom Renovation and Shower Cabin
Sheating and Exterior Wall Solutions
Plumbing and Sanitary Installation
Electrical Installation
Natural Gas and Heating Installation
Garden Designing and Landscaping
Ceramic Tile and Granite Solutions
Plasterboard and Suspended Ceiling
Painting and Whitewashing
Laminate Flooring and Wooden Solutions
Roof and Insulating Solutions

How do we work?

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    1. We Listen

    First of all; we listen to your requests,
    expectations and what you want to do.

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    2. We Plan

    We plan for the project so as to meet your needs exactly.

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    3. We Brief

    We make a to do list and give you detailed information.

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    4. We Agree

    We agree on, process, materials and other details,
    ask for your confirmation.

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    5. We Start to Work

    We start to work with our experienced ad expert team.

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    6. We Deliver The Project

    We deliver the project completly and on time.


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